Fast, excellent service, it is one of our highest priorities
Fast, excellent service, it is one of our highest priorities
Fast, excellent service, it is one of our highest priorities


Engine Oil Vanellus Multigrade Classic 500ml, 5lt, 20lt, 210lt

Gearbox Oil Axle EXP 80W-90 20lt, 210lt
Diff Oil Axle EXP 85W-140 20lt, 210lt
Hidrolic Oil Hyspin 68 20lt, 210lt
Multifunction Oil Agri MP 15W-40 20lt, 210lt
Ghries Spheerol EP2 15kg
Antifreeze Fuchs Jackfrost 50/50 20lt, 210lt

Diesel Engine Delo 400MG 15W40 500ml, 5lt, 20lt,210lt
Universal Tractor Oil Super Tractor 20lt, 210lt
Diff Oil Thuban EP 80W90 20lt, 210lt
Diff Oil Thuban GL5 EP 85W140 20lt, 210lt
Hidrolic Oil Rando HD 68 20lt, 210lt
Antifreeze Antifreeze & Summer Coolant 1lt, 5lt, 20lt, 210lt
General Multifak EP2 NLGI-2 15kg

Product specifications

1. Caltex Delo 400MG 15W40
  • Product features Premium performance, ‘low-SAPS’ heavy-duty diesel engine oil specifically designed to lubricate a wide range of high speed diesel engines
  • Benefits Reduces emissions, and minimizes fleet maintenance, operating and inventory costs
2. Caltex Super Tractor Engine Oil
  • Product features A shear, stable, multi-grade viscosity tractor oil universal (STOU) fluid designed for use in tractor crankcases, transmissions, wet brakes, final drives and hydraulic systems where fluids meeting API CF-4/SF and API GL-4 are recommended
  • Benefits Minimizes application problems, reduces maintenance costs, extends oil change periods, maintains power output, and allows smooth and quiet operation
3. Caltex Thuban GL5 EP
  • Product features High performance, multipurpose, thermally stable, EP automotive gear lubricant formulated with 'clean gear' technology for applications where API GL-5 and/or API MT-1 performance are required
  • Benefits Reduces maintenance, extends gear equipment life, and prolongs oil service life
4. Caltex Multifak EP2
  • Product features A multipurpose lithium soap grease, NLGI2, with extreme pressure, anti-wear additives, as well as rust and oxidation inhibitors
  • Benefits Protection against shock loading, environmental adequacy, good water resistance, good corrosion protection, shear stability, and low temperature ‘pumpability’